I started with piano lessons when I was 7 Like many music lovers, I was in school band and the instrument was trumpet. In 1974 I participated in the His Majesty the Kings Guards Band. I am now playing trumpet in several big bands in the Oslo area. On piano, I have been playing many genres, from jazz to classical. I've always had music ideas and wrote a lot down the scores, but only isince 2001I have been working more seriously with them. I have also discovered my ability to sit down and improvise music for meditations, pictures and poems.

Every time I sit down at the piano, i get new ideas. Often they turn up in my head and I just need to find a piano and music paper. I am often inspired when I hear and see something beautiful. It is also particularly many song ideas when I feel I feel very happy or sad.

I am often amazed at how I can sit down and make music for example.guided meditations. When I was making the hour-long music CD with Runar Halonen, I had only one melody line that repeats 4 times clear to me on a sheet music paper. As I listened to the meditation read by Runar from a CD, I improvised the whole hour without stop. Nothing was planned in advance. What was played at the first attempt is what is on the CDs (both with and without guide).