Piano Poems

The CD is inspired by poems made by Merete Atne and a picture painted by Anne-Elisabeth Lien (www.gallerilien.no). The music was made while I listened to the poems and the last track, at the same time as the picture was painted.

This CD takes you on a journey beyond words and images in which imagination and inspiration takes over. Piano is the main instrument with the addition of keyboards and the voices of four singers, Helene Edler Lorentzen, Silja Irene Hovin, Pernille Børud and Siri McAlpine.

This melodic and meditative album is perfect for relaxation, visualization, massage and yoga. Here you can really dream away and get a break from your busy day.

Piano Poems reaches #6 on ZoneMusicReporters Top 100 playlist from radio stations all over the world in May 2010

Total playing time 62:10