Healing Hour

CD4 Healing Hour. A continuous hour of relaxing and healing music. This CD is used by many therapists and healers. Perfect as a background for an hour treatment. Many people use this as an aid to sleep and to the meditations and visualizations. * Dreamy and meditative soundscape * with piano, keyboards and voice. 4 times during the hour is a very quiet song with voice (without text, just humming) appears. This is music made for "Activating Your Inner Healing Powers" with healer Runar Halonen.

We have also added a Reiki version of the same CD with notification about every third minute or every fifth minute. To order these send a mail to post@tronmusic.no and specify if you want 3rd or 5th minute. Same price as the CD. Can also be sent as mp3. Write for info.

Total playing time CD4 Your Healing Hour 59:30