Whisper of Asissi

Join us for a relaxing and peaceful holiday in beautiful tones. 4 long tracks perfect background for the treatments and healing. Lose yourself, get help to fulfill your dreams through visualization. The music helps you get the balance between the right and left brain and get in a state of total relaxation.

The music of this album is made of the Abbey Abbazia di San Pietro in Italy as a backdrop for meditations with Runar Halonen and Annfrid Leikvoll.

The monastery was built in 1158 and located in the small town of Fountain, not far from Assisi. Franz of Assisi has been in the monastery and it was a pretty special experience to make music in the old historic buildings. The peaceful piano tones were recorded in the monastery and later are added both male and female voices, violin and various keyboards in my studio in Norway. The church bells and the chirping of the birds in the background are recorded in the monastery.

Total playing time 67:49